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Russia Russia Russia - QuickSilver - 02-11-2020

Also there is Russia


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RE: Russia Russia Russia - SNAFU - 02-11-2020

In Russia autistic is you're.
I seriously hope to God some former KGB agent is reading this shit.

RE: Russia Russia Russia - QuickSilver - 02-11-2020

                   [Image: giphy.gif]

RE: Russia Russia Russia - a13156256 - 02-23-2020

I guess I should stop and read the long version, eh? And I mean that as a compliment...I have a feeling the Babe will appear in the upcoming videogame The Batgirl, though I'll have to wait and see how it comes out. Seriously, I have no idea why about buy wow gold of lootwowgold website, though I assume it had something to do with Ms. Marvel. Maybe I'm a pushover

RE: Russia Russia Russia - Lane - 02-25-2020

[Image: russians-are-attacking-us-shep-smith-dem...C276&ssl=1]