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where is fbot?
(02-20-2020, 06:23 PM)QuickSilver Wrote:
(02-19-2020, 11:07 AM)tier1bro Wrote:
(02-11-2020, 06:18 PM)SNAFU Wrote: He was busy being investigated for a felony where he pointed a gun at another motorist at the time this was posted. Then a few months later he decided to pull a rifle on his 8 th generation US Citizen female neighbors and threaten too "shoot them back too Mexico". Rather then do his time like a man he decided to spatter his "brains" all over a spot in the Utah desert shortly after his Mexican meltdown. During this time he also attempted to start some sort off EMO rap/rock career. The only shitty part about any of this is that I was really looking forward to writing him letters while he was in USP which was a short drive from my childhood home in Draper. 

I'm having trouble finding his songs now. They were absolutely terrible yet hilarious.

(05-01-2018, 12:29 PM)DanTSX Wrote:
(05-01-2018, 05:49 AM)tier1bro Wrote: he may be having a hard time getting activated. Dodgy

They have pills for that
We all remember you bragging about using them. Fucking limp dick.

james was my best internet friend, he is single handedly what made all variants of marfcom great again. well that and doug's hand, and all of the deej shit, and that guy from florida who had y'all build him a rifle so he could trade it for crack, and those times you went to jail, and that guy who did not prefer muscly blowjobs, and the guy being stalked by the r/c plane parts guy, a couple leons, those hillbillies from north carolina, big floppy titty videos, cellies, the guy who outbid the other guy for the domain, that guy that locked your account, his retarded neighbor, juvenile cage fights, thigh high socks. 

if it seems like i missed or left anyone out by accident it was not by accident, you likely ruined the internet for me.  Dodgy

        maybe you can find a New internet friend

 [Image: D_IKzKKXsAEdnmP.jpg]
i don't just "friend" anyone, imma need to see his cock.
He kilt himself
[Image: hQKXRPO.jpg]
(10 hours ago)Leon82 Wrote: He kilt himself
[Image: 22986a06f82d7134cb0dd7f65726e23b.jpg]

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