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Arfcom GD: member discovers gym. Thinks he is hot shit. Forum fatties drag him down
Arfcommer claims to discover gym and BMI reduction

Claims decrease from 15% to 9%

Claims that single mom roasties are suddenly offering their asses to them.

 Posts pic.  Not bad dude.  Keep going.

BES, whose Is not qualified to speak about BMI, proceeds to call BS on the poor guy.

Forum fatties also take him down.

Like a bucket of fat crabs, the one that tries to escape, gets pulled back in.

I didn’t even read the whole thread.  But anyone want to take bets to see how long it takes Rictus to come save BES?

Lol reading at all of the guys calling the thread gay, then clicking on pics of shirtless dudes and posting their own.
That one hung around longer than I expected.

Dodgy         but I would bet she's "On the Hoof" for sure
   [Image: giphy.gif]                

what a shit show that turned into.

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