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We believe products are more than mere objects. It is our humble opinion that if it’s going into your home, into your mouth, onto your back or otherwise into your life, you should know where and who it comes from. And you should be proud of your purchase.

The MadeClose Shop is our opportunity to introduce you to American made goods that set and exceed our standards of creativity, craftsmanship and overall sustainability. These are labors of love. Each and every product features our MadeClose review revealing its unique attributes and production history.

When it comes to production, setting does matter. The small businesses that call a community home reflect the essence of that locale, like artisanal brands cooking in Brooklyn’s food incubators, fashion designers producing in Manhattan’s Garment District or woodworkers creating heirloom toys in Vermont. They help shape the character of the neighborhood, city or region where they were born and raised.
We’ve created community guides to introduce you to the local making scene.

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