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If I Happened To Acquire a 1980 FireBird White Trash Gem
Should I crank Pour Some Sugar On Me or bust out the Kid Rock CD's right away?
68' 400 and a 400 TH tranny. Headers. It's disgustingly white trash and gives me a weird boner. 

The rear spring boxes look good. I'm pretty sure it's Raptor Jesus's will that I slam it into a stationary object while driving like a cunt high on ephedrine and cheap whiskey.

Idea  Replace the speakers & use it to drive to Church on Sunday's  ( Hysteria )
[Image: source.gif]
Noone needs a high capacity pussy magnet like that, get a sensible civic, for the children.
The interior says a lot to me. Things like, date rape, "do I smell alcohol",  "step out of the car", and "stop resisting" come to mind. It's glorious.
I'm going to try and go take a good look at it because the pics are all older. It's supposed to run and drive. There's a bunch of stupid little things that have been done to it that I would have done myself. I'd rather prefer to put a 72 grill on it tho.

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