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Found A Galaxy Note On The Side Of The Road.
Full of dick picks and Wayfair products.  Really expensive cabinets and shit. Had a thin blue line case. 

Really odd. It was outside of an Ocela gas station.  The cashier wanted it bad. Probably trying to trade it for meth.

My boomer I'm apprenticed on to said he has family in Ocela and I just walked away. The WI FL connection is fucking creepy at this point..

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that's mine asshole. obviously.

james was always ordering nice cabinets and having them shipped back to u-dah. he was a hardcore trainee, he would train in the back seat of the raptor for hours and as soon as we were done he would get right on wayfair. something about those cabinets, sorry you can't afford nice cabinets from wayfair. he always said it was cheaper to have them delivered to his house in u-dah. he would stay here for a week and then ride the bus back to u-dah when a new cabinet was about to arrive. he said he was remodeling his house. he said it was gonna be nice but that brandon could not come over.

hit me up on the pugs burner zello account.

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