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Fishercat fucked a tranny
I had to clean up the mess, so I guess you can call me Lane...    

I also dropped a socket down the little hole that you get to the TC nuts through, and had to pull the flexplate off to get it back and dunno the torque spec so impact level3 should be fine, right?

New Allison spec is a synthetic ATF that smells like rotting assholes so that was nice for me, too Dodgy
They made the flex plate bolt access hole to the flex plate big enough to use a ratchet now? I I did a tranny in 90s international dump truck and had to grind down a fucking ratchet wrench to get at the bolts. 15mm 12 point I think.
yeah the hole is quarter sized, if I'd used a deep socket it wouldn't be able to fall in, but I'm an idiot.  Next time I might just pull the starter, bigger hole to work through.  But it was alright, daughter did a ton of the hard work, and we got it done in 2 days between chores and hay.
wrong thread. Dodgy
Thanks for your service!
[Image: hQKXRPO.jpg]
So much rotten ass fluid!
(07-28-2020, 04:36 PM)Fisher cat Wrote: So much rotten ass fluid!
I blame OP for buying an automatic.  We all know you can handle a stick shit tranny.

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