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Snapped At Werk Today.
I've actually been driving the Durango that's been sitting for 2 years for about a month
I brought it back to life after I blew the tranny in El Jeepe. Dodgy  Of course the tranny went right after buying a 4" rough country X series lift and new Spicer ball joints and a new transmission control module and shift kit. Again, I feel I just like abusive relationships.  Dodgy 

I've been supposed to swap the tranny for weeks but it's at someone's (cough LLL is a psycho fucking cunt) house and I'm concerned about going there because that someone (cough spastic bitch) is having some personal issues and I dont want to put myself in jeopardy. Probably end up having it towed here and I'll change it in the gravel parking lot. I've done shit like that before.
late 90's early 2000's dodge / chrysler did not put out a good product. their v8 engines are as good as any but they could not figure out a transmission, tcase, or rear end to save their lives. i mean the d80 was bullet proof, and the nv4500 was great once you welded the 5th gear nut. a guy shouldn't have to fix a "killer dow pin", and weld internal parts of a transmission to make his "premium 3/4 or 1 ton truck" live.

don't get me started on fords motherfucking e40d, when i buy an obs (small block) truck now if it ain't got the 4r70w i pass. ain't that some shit? that's right i want the same transmission in my 4x4 full size truck as they put in a motherfucking v6 mustang. Dodgy

ford was the first to nail trucking (f700, f800, school buses) with a cummins and allison. gm nailed the quiet duramax / allison, but then all of your other shit on the vehicle is fucking gm.

jesus christ how hard is it to make a decent reliable vehicle that can go 300k miles?

i do have to admit, my current ford products have been great. aside for routine maintenance i have had no issues. worst thing so far was a railroad spike (on of the roads i travel is a an old wwII POW train track bed) in the side wall of a brand new $300 315/70r17 bfg. bitch was 2 days old.

i genuinely like dodge, i would love a 2002 2500 quad cab (extended cab with back doors that open) short bed 4x4 cummins, nv4500. but you can't keep a fucking dash or front steering in the things. if only ford would have made their obs extended cabs with opening rear "doors" i would never need a new truck again. now that i have the option i just 4 door all the things and hope for the best.

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